To view basic statistics regarding the SafeCoin network for instance, circulating supply, epoch information, validator versions, you can visit the following page provided by this site:

The statistics are updated every 1 minute and show as follows:

SafeCoin Info

Active Stake: 15092441.2536743 SAFE
Current Stake: 13777106.997410296 SAFE (91.28%)
Delinquent Stake: 1315334.256264005 SAFE (8.72%)

Stake By Version:
1.6.20   -   5 current validators ( 1.18%)
1.6.25   -  53 current validators (90.11%),   5 delinquent validators ( 8.37%)
unknown  -   0 current validators ( 0.00%),  11 delinquent validators ( 0.35%)

Block height: 31879141
Slot: 35138650
Epoch: 81
Transaction Count: 138397393
Epoch Slot Range: [34992000..35424000)
Epoch Completed Percent: 33.947%
Epoch Completed Slots: 146650/432000 (285350 remaining)
Epoch Completed Time: 18h 32m 11s/2days 6h 12m 18s (1day 11h 40m 7s remaining)

Total: 31458330.25360269 SAFE
Circulating: 31458330.25360269 SAFE
Non-Circulating: 0 SAFE

Last Updated: Tue 05 Oct 2021 11:20:20 AM UTC
Maintenance Recovery

Create a Snapshot

For advanced users only.

When you need to create a custom snapshot from the ledger simply determine the slot you require then use the following command:

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin-ledger-tool create-snapshot --ledger ~/ledger/validator-ledger <SLOT> ~/ledger/validator-ledger

This will create a snapshot inside your ~/ledger folder.


Truncate Log File

By default your validator log file will grow indefinitely so you should regularly truncate it either manually or regularly using cron.

truncate -s 0 ~/safecoin-validator-*.log

This command will clear down your log file completely and can be run safely as often as required.

Maintenance Recovery

Recover Key using Seed

In the event that you need to regenerate your private key from the seed phrase, use the command as below.

When entering the seed words, be sure to put a single space between each, all lower case. The entry is not visible to type carefully.

~/Safecoin/target/release/safecoin-keygen recover -o recovered.json

The private key will be output to the filename of choice.